Blame It All On Our Roots

"theukayqueen was born in the living room of Jaree’s home and was, at the time, just a screen printing hobby. As the orders increased she wanted to branch out into items other than t-shirts and quickly realized that she not only loved finding new, trendy apparel but also that most clothing items were only available in sizes Small-Large when shopping with manufacturers. When “plus” sizes were available, they were almost twice as expensive, and frankly not very flattering on the average curvy woman. And so, the personal mission of Jaree was created to find items that were beautiful, size inclusive and affordable. After years of negotiating and building relationships, we, as well as our industry, now carry clothing sizes 4-26.

While Tee For The Soul is a local, family business - our family isn’t limited to relatives. Our customers have become some of our closest friends. We receive messages, emails, and letters daily from customers that say they’ve found their personal style and confidence by shopping our website and talking with our community of sisters. We’ve been proud to provide a place to build relationships with bold, loving and uplifting women. We know the strongest women, are those that lift each other up. That’s why at theukayqueen, YOU are the model."

If you stumble upon our Facebook bio, you'll get this small snippet of what theukayqueen started as. I love that it gives new and existing customers a little bit of a sneak peek into our background. You're going to learn that what goes around comes around and we're blaming it all on our roots today...Thanks, Garth.

Yes, theukayqueen started as a screen printing company and we're right back where we started today! These are our screen printing extraordinaire, Jesse and Jacob! Working in a building full of women, you'd think they would hide out in the screen printing room and never say a word but they really are fun to be around and they handle all the estrogen so well! It really is like a big family! Ellie is our screen printing artist! Jesse and Jacob do the printing but Ellie does the brainstorming and designing for all the graphic tees we have! We're a growing company so none of this comes without growing pains but this team is handling it so well while making sure our customers and Sisters are happy!

All the fabulous graphic tees you see here are made across the screen from our Edmond storefront location! I am going to share my favorite ways to wear these 3 tees below!



Here Comes the Sun...and CLASSIC denim! Any classic pair of denim jeans is my favorite way to wear this cutie. Grab a pair of a light, medium, or dark wash here, and strut your way to fabulous!

As we say here at theukayqueen, leopard is a color, not a pattern! This shirt is my absolute fav to pair with a crisp pair of white jeans or white jean shorts! Our jean shorts (not just the white ones) are simply AMAZING. They don't ride up, they fit perfectly, and for those ladies that don't want to have to wear Bermuda shorts, these are the perfect length! Have you ever wished a pair of jeans you have came in a pair of shorts because you love the waistband, stretch, and everything in between? These shorts are exactly that! Snag yours before winter does ;)

If you are anything like me, you are obsessed with camouflage right now! This stunning top with our NEW camouflage jeans is just a gorgeous combination. If you're wanting to snag this outfit keep in mind that the new camouflage jeans run a size small. Go one size up for them to fit perfectly!

Our favorite way to wear graphic tees are simply, the tee and some jeans! But we have so many cute kimonos, wedges, and jewelry that can spice up any t-shirt and jeans combo!

Mix and match, sister! These are all just suggestions and my personal favorite ways to wear the entire collection here and post in Groupies how you're wearing your graphic tees!!

Have you grabbed your first graphic tee yet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know how much you love your graphic tees!

Stay Sassy,



  • Posted by Tracey Skirvin on

    I’m so blessed to have come up on your company website. To found stylist clothes to fit my size and at a GREAT PRICE. But I DO love my Wards shopping 🛍. I just wish u could carry starling silver. Please let me know how I can buy the blessed t-shirt. U all r the BEST. Have a bless night. Tracey ( 😇❤️🙏

  • Posted by Micheal Jordan on

    (White) jordan ( mobbsf)

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